Welcome to the website of Training School. We are a small, friendly club based near Maidstone, Kent.

Classes are held at Nettlestead Village Hall(map) on a Tuesday evening from 6.45pm and are suitable for all-comers, from children to pensioners, and you do not have to have a puppy to be able to start training.

We encourage reward based training with treats and praise but are aware that this approach may not work for all dogs and will advise if more assertive methods are appropriate.

If you are interested in joining, come up and see us with or without your dog. This gives us a chance to be able to speak to you without too much distraction, to introduce some of our training methods, and talk about any previous experience of dog ownership and training you may have. Don't forget to bring your dog's vaccination certificate, we need to see this for all dogs that attend. Depending on the dog's age, experience and ability, we can advise which class would be best.

This Club has helped me a lot, especially with my rescue Rottweiler, Barney. It is very friendly and informative.

Pam Rust
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