Most of the photos here were taken on a typical evening at - we hope they give you an idea of what you can expect from us!
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Puppy training class

Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Class

Kennel Club Good Citizen Silver Class

Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Class

Advanced & Other Training Photos

Julie and her team have worked hard to get this Club off the ground. It was originally a training club just for Rottweilers (they own three of mine!), but they were persuaded to open their doors to all breeds, and now they have a waiting list of dogs recommended to them by vets and other clubs in the area. Their enthusiasm for all dogs and their kind approach to training using positive, reward-based methods speaks for itself by the number of dogs who gain "passes" through the Kennel Club's Good Citizen dog scheme. I wish them continued success.

Di McCann,
Parvenu Rottweilers

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